Prriya and Chintan Collection
Prriya and Chintan

Prriya and Chintans

Prriya and Chintans belong to two different communities and due to diverse sense of creation; they blend this mismatch to create the designs that can catch the eyes of people. Recently emerged, not more than 2 years, Prriya and Chintans is currently dominating the market with their clothing collection that depicts the innovative touch of western clothing with the traditional lining.

Label 24 thus, offering a brand new collection of Prriya and Chintans to the fashion store so that, people from different communities can cope up with the taste of this duo designers. Check out the rocking collection of Prriya and Chintans at Label 24 fashion house.

Prriya and Chintans Fashion Collection

Prriya and Chintans is fairly a new brand in the fashion industry however, has captured the market very smoothly through their versatile collection, which finally landed the designers with several fashion shows and events. Prriya and Chintans are in the process to offer a new genre of collection in which they are ensuring the western clothing on Indian fabric. In this way modernization would be carried on the base of tradition attire. Blending western cuts and silhouettes onto Indian fabric is the exact sense of creativity which is nourished by Prriya and Chintans through their collection in the fashion houses.

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